Hallidays Hydropower International Case Studies

Find our case studies here for some of the projects we have been involved with, worked on by the Hydro Maintain team. Contact us with any enquiries on 0330 1335 505 or email hydro@hallidays.com.

Hallidays Hydropower Ltd are UK-based global hydropower consultants specialising in the delivery and maintenance of fish-friendly, shallow hydropower plants. At Hallidays, we work both nationwide and internationally, frequently developing innovations and streamlining multipart hydro power, and can assist with all aspects of hydropower installation. To provide you with more insight on the work we carry out, visit the links below to see some of the projects we have worked on.

What Projects Have We Worked On?

We offer many services for people who develop hydroelectric plants as described on our Services page. For instance, we have been maintaining the Osbaston site for more than two years. We have also installed the 10kW, Old Swan and Minster Mill. Our hydropower maintenance team have also been working on Flatford Mill for the past 3 years and at the same time installing and designing a fish pass allowance. These are just a few of the projects they have already accomplished. You can find out more information on these projects by clicking the name of each project.

Are There Projects That Are Still Underway?

We also have projects that are still ongoing. For instance the J2 Hydro, Castleford new Millennium Bridge, Eastham site and many others. You can find out more information regarding these projects by viewing the project case study.

Finally, we are a reliable and world leader in offering hydropower services. We deliver our services on time, maintaining and installing hydropower schemes based on your specifications. If you have a site that needs our services do not hesitate to contact us.