HHL are partnership-centric, our accelerated growth programme is supported by the partnerships we create. Partnerships have formed through their experience in the industry but we are always looking to build more. If you are a like-minded, green organisation looking to improve sustainability and would be interested in working with us, then please do get in touch.

Hallidays’ innovation partnerships include patent lawyers, universities, other hydropower developers and we have registered our Intellectual Property (IP) to build on the value of the company.

Hallidays have worked, with varying degrees, on over 278 schemes in the UK and abroad. For many of these, they’ve worked closely with the Environment Agency and planning authorities meaning we can almost run the licensing process in our sleep! We have built relationships with most authorities across the country and understand the licensing process implicitly. Our relationships also extend to District Network Operators for grid connection, Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets), ecologists and specialists.

Our work in project delivery over the years has also formed relationships with all key stakeholders involved in constructing a scheme. These include civil engineers, CDM regulators, and Health and Safety specialists.

Hallidays have partnered with a number of universities’ internship programmes where they offer internships to enthusiastic engineers hoping to work within renewables. Hallidays have found this extremely rewarding and it’s gratifying to support a large number of extremely bright engineers who will soon be entering the industry.

Through selling our own schemes, financing other schemes and working within the industry for over 10 years, Hallidays have built numerous relationships with Venture Capital firms, private investors, banks, pension firms and lawyers. If you need help funding, selling or even buying a scheme, we can assist in this complicated procedure.

Their Operation and Maintenance arm of the company means we have the right people in the right place. Hallidays have partnered with engineers not only nationally but internationally as well. Wherever your scheme, we have someone nearby to assist you. See our Maintenance section for more information.

Hydropower is the world’s number one source of renewable energy and produces almost 20% of the world’s electricity

25 countries depend on hydropower for 90% of their electricity (99.3% in Norway); 12 are 100% reliant on hydro. Hydro produces the bulk of electricity in 65 countries and plays some role in 155. Canada, China and the USA are the three largest generators of hydroelectricity. Vietnam has over 2,500 micro-hydro schemes producing electricity for over 200,000 households. Even relatively flat countries can generate hydropower.

Hallidays are well placed in the UK with offices in the north (Manchester) and the south (Oxfordshire) allowing us easy access to the entire country. Due to the increasing amount of international work underway, we also have partners in America (contact Scott Anderson aqua-auger.com), Kuala Lumpur (contact Max Fenn on +60 17-308 3257) and Thailand (contact Somchai Bunsermvicha on +66 81 922 1538).