Formed over 10 years ago, Hallidays have built out our project delivery function from our property development firm which has been in operation since 1943. Hallidays have worked for large commercial owners and high profile landowners including The National Trust, Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House, Guinness Asset Management and the Manchester Ship Canal.

Over the years the Government’s support has blown hot and cold and we now find ourselves in a post-FIT environment. Our time in development has meant that wherever possible, profits have been re-invested into Research and Development with the sound knowledge that future success in this industry will be through reduced capital costs of our installations.

Through the loss of a large number of competitors, at the closure of the FIT scheme, Hallidays have also recognised that there are now a limited number of companies available to maintain these long-term investments. As such, Hallidays are focusing a large amount of effort on our maintenance service. Please see below for more information on each of our departments – Innovate, Deliver, Invest and Maintain.

Hallidays are working on a number of exciting products in our bid to make clean electricity accessible globally.  These include:

  • The Pico Barrel
  • The Drop-In
  • The PolyMod
  • The Eco-Auger

Along with our new prototypes, our analysts and programmers are carrying out exciting work on:

  • Geometric optimisation of Archimedean screws
  • Automated generation of Archimedean screw designs
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) studies of water flowing into a screw intake
  • Programming blade shape optimisation

To find out more about our innovative plans, please call us or visit our Innovation page

Working as a global hydropower consultancy firm, Hallidays provide a turnkey approach to the installation of schemes.  We can take any scheme from concept through feasibility, design, licensing, installation and commissioning and even offer a maintenance programme once installed.  Clients can choose to employ Hallidays at any point of this process.

If you’re looking for help developing a hydro scheme, please call us or visit our Deliver page

Hallidays own and sell our own Hydropower schemes.  Through this experience we have built relationships with the right people and organisations allowing us to assist others with this complicated process.  Whether you’re looking for help financing your schemes, selling or even buying a scheme, we can assist in this complicated procedure.

Please call us on 0330 1335 505 or visit our Invest page for more information

Any hydropower scheme is a huge investments and must be managed.  Most turbines, if looked after correctly will have a 60 year lifetime but any day it’s not running will have a huge impact on your return on investment.  Hallidays Hydropower Ltd offer:

  • Emergency Callouts
  • Creation of a site specific Maintenance Manual
  • Local site operative training
  • Hydropower Specialist Scheduled Maintenance (Health Check) visits each year
  • On-going Remote Monitoring service
  • Performance enhancements

For more information on how we can help you maintain your scheme, please call us or visit our Maintain page