Our Vision

Hydropower for Everyone

Our Mission
Our mission is to design sympathetic hydropower solutions today that improve upon existing technology for tomorrow. We are expanding hydropower across the globe in equilibrium with the environment. We are combining what we have learned from the past with vision and ingenuity to provide inspired solutions for the future.

We combine industry with exploration. We open up new ventures in places where sustainable power is only a possibility. This drives us as we explore new opportunities of charity and commerce, both on home soil and across the planet. We remain open-minded to new cultures, indigenous traditions and environmental challenges now, and in the future. We operate a business model with a “higher purpose.” The benefits of our work are real and long-lasting.

Our Values

We began as a family operation and that ethos of respect and trust continues within our expanding team. Each member is capable of great achievement and is given great responsibility. We respect and trust all team members, suppliers and customers implicitly.

We are a passionate team, who diligently go the distance to ensure we delight our customers at every opportunity.

Designing revolutionary solutions by combining the latest innovations with tried and tested engineering will have its dead ends as well as its eureka moments. The only way we succeed is to pressure test concepts until they bend, break or pass. We welcome mistakes when they happen and acknowledge they are a step on the road to success.

We look to systemise everything we do in our business and always look for a system correction first, before a people correction. Our products and services are designed and tested for vigorous efficiency and value engineering. This benefits the team, the client and the environment by delivering efficient, cost-effective hydropower across the planet.

We combine what we have learned from the past with innovation and ingenuity to provide inspired solutions for the future. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and services, the delivery of individual projects, the service and maintenance of systems and the efficiency of our customer experience.

All teams are built of individuals. We are trusted to represent the company as individuals in all ventures, yet cohesive when called upon to work together as a team. Every team member has the confidence to function independently and is given time to pursue their own ideas for the benefit of the whole group.

We speak passionately about our ideals and concisely about their implementation. All of our team is empowered and can discuss our vision, mission and values at any time with colleagues, suppliers and clients. Our message is clear and we encourage public engagement with its delivery.