Innovators of affordable hydropower

Hallidays own and sell our own hydropower schemes. Through this experience, we have built relationships with the right people and organisations, in the UK and internationally, allowing us to assist others with this complicated process.  Whether you’re looking for help financing your schemes, selling or even buying a scheme, we can assist in this complicated procedure.

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Hallidays have extensive experience in land & contract negotiation, legals, power purchase agreements and scheme financing.

If you are an investor we can take you through the development process (see Deliver) and ensure your scheme is delivered on time and to budget.

If you are looking to buy or have a scheme to sell, anywhere in the world, do contact us and we will use our partnerships and experience to help find you a buyer/seller and guide you through the intense legislation associated with international deals.

Why invest in Hydropower?

  • Financially rewarding
  • Increased property value
  • Low-maintenance, long lifespan
  • Consistent all-year-round power
  • Seasonal energy demand
  • Low carbon
  • Proven fish-friendly (Archimedes screw)