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Hallidays wins 'LABC Best Technical Innovation Award' for their installation at Dandridge's Mill - 2010

Award-winning hydro power UK consultants

Hallidays Hydropower Ltd are global hydro power UK based consultants specialising in the delivery and maintenance of low-head, fish friendly, run of river hydropower schemes. Working both nationally and internationally, constantly innovating and streamlining complex hydropower, Hallidays can assist in all aspects of hydropower installation.

Hallidays hydro power UK based new accelerated growth strategy focuses on building partnerships to grow our four departments – Innovation/R&D, Project Delivery, Investment and Hydropower Maintenance, defined by their strapline: “Innovate, Deliver, Invest, Maintain”

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Partners and Associates

Here are some of the hydro power UK and international partners and associates who work with Hallidays Hydropower:

Why Choose Hallidays Hydropower International Consultants?

Hydroelectric power is becoming an increasingly viable and popular option throughout the UK in terms of being able to generate electricity. As these systems continue to advance, businesses need to keep one step ahead of the curve in order to maintain optimum levels of efficiency and to leverage modern technological options. Of course, such logistics can often be quite difficult to address; particularly if sufficient levels of in-house expertise are not present. This is why a growing number of organisations are choosing to work with the hydro engineering consultants at Hallidays Hydropower International. What services do we provide and what benefits are associated with our team of qualified engineers? Let us address these two important questions.

What are the Roles of a Power Generation Firm?

This is a rather broad topic to answer, as our duties are varied and will often revolve around the discrete requirements of the end user. However, a handful of core duties include:

  • Conceptualising and implementing new hydro generation sites.
  • Overseeing and maintaining sites already in existence.
  • Determining the efficiency of water pumping stations and similar power generation hubs.
  • Servicing Lower and Upper Bearings and generator servicing.
  • Standard system tuning services as well as emergency call-outs.

Hallidays Hydropower International likewise researches novel methods of generating hydroelectric power in order to address increasing consumer demand for renewable energy. It should finally be mentioned that our team of trained professionals works in close accordance with both local and national regulations in order to ensure second-to-none levels of compliance and safety.

Why Work With Our Hydro Engineering Consultants?

There are several reasons why customers are choosing to work with our firm. Not only do we employ a superior level of transparency throughout every stage of a project, but our ongoing maintenance services are just as important in order to enjoy a higher ROI (return on investment). Furthermore, Hallidays Hydropower International is at the forefront of many cutting-edge hydroelectric projects. For instance, we were the first firm within the UK to install a hydroelectric screw in 2007. Thanks to this ongoing sense of flexibility, our team is likewise able to address a wide range of projects and requirements; ideal when tackling the needs of a diverse client base.

If you would like to learn more about the hydroelectric power generation services offered by Hallidays Hydropower International, please do not hesitate to contact us by email to or to speak with a team member on +447790191908 at your earliest convenience.