Why do you need the services of Hallidays Hydropower International?

Hallidays Hydropower can offer a Turn-Key solution to a hydro installation on your site – taking the project from initial feasibility studies right through to commission and handover.  Some of the main reasons why we are the best option when it comes to delivery and maintenance of hydroelectric schemes include:

  • Delivery of  timely services

We are a professional company that believes in fast and convenient service and product delivery. We believe that you deserve to continue with undisrupted operation as soon as you contact us. That is why we always have a team ready to respond to any emergencies regarding the delivery and maintenance of hydropower schemes.

  • Our many years of experience

With more than 30 years of experience, we can handle your project from the initial stage to the commissioning and maintenance. We’re made up of a highly experienced team that can quickly identify and solve a problem accurately and fast. That is why we rank top when it comes to hydropower services.

  • Our state of the art facilities 

The combination of our qualified team with our state of the art facilities makes us the best option for creating and maintaining your hydropower screws. It is also one of the reasons why we were the first hydropower company to install the first domestic hydropower screw. With us, you stand to get the best services that you cannot get elsewhere.

Hydroelectricity: Providing Targeted Solutions for the Global Community.

Were you aware that hydroelectric power stations are estimated to supply an impressive 25 gigawatts of power throughout the world? Did you know that this figure is expected to increase by an annual rate of 2.5 per cent between 2019 and 2030? This is particularly the case if large regions such as China and Brazil appreciate the benefits associated with such a unique form of sustainable energy. Hydroelectric power plant facts show that hydroelectric power generation is still ever-present today. It therefore stands to reason that the hydro global engineering services associated with Hallidays Hydropower International are in demand. What does the future hold for hydroelectricity and why should our specialists be chosen when nothing but the most reliable solutions will suffice?

A Growing Demand for Renewable Energy Sources
It is no secret that the global supply of fossil fuels is depleting at an alarming rate. Not only will this continued consumption wreak havoc upon the environment, but energy tariffs continue to rise; effectively preventing access to electricity within many portions of the developing world. This is why we have witnessed a pronounced paradigm shift in recent years which favours clean sources such as hydroelectricity. Such a demand is only expected to increase thanks to technological improvements as well as an appreciation for the advantages that can be obtained when switching to hydroelectric power.

Our Project Management Approach
Hallidays Hydropower International is well aware that a handful of logistical challenges will need to be addressed in order to provide a sustainable source of power. This is why we have developed a multi-faceted approach based on these metrics:

  • Innovation
  • Delivery
  • Investment in the latest technology
  • Targeted maintenance solutions

This methodology enables our team to develop turnkey solutions based around the needs of the end user in question; eliminating cost overruns while ensuring that hydroelectric power will be delivered without compromising reliability.

hydro global engineering services

Obtaining Our Hydro Global Engineering Services

Hallidays Hydropower International takes a great deal of pride in our track record as well as the innovative approaches which we are currently embracing. The best way to learn more about the options at your disposal is to fill out our online contact form below or to speak with a representative by calling us on 0330 1335 505. We are more than capable of addressing your questions or to highlight some of the advantages that you can experience when working in synergy with our team.

Having the best hydropower services for your plant is the only way to improve the functionality of the machinery and enhance its productivity. Here at Hallidays Hydropower International, we ensure that you get the best services from our qualified and experienced professionals. We are an award winning company that works closely with key players in the industry to ensure you get the best care for your hydropower schemes.

Since our initialisation, we have revolutionised the hydropower industry in the United Kingdom and the world beyond. We specialise in the installation of hydro screws. Due to our dedication and passion, we have been able to emerge as the best company in the arena.

Hallidays Hydropower International are here to ensure your plant is always running efficiently. With us, you will not experience any downtime since we work round the clock to ensure you get the best. Our intensive understanding of hydropower plants and dedication to always deliver the best services can be seen from our array of accolades. It is always our honour to get associate ourselves with new and existing companies who need our expertise. Get in touch with any enquiries at 0330 1331 555 or by email to hydro@hallidays.com. Alternatively, fill in your details below and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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