The Eastham site is located at Queen Elizabeth Dock, Birkenhead. It is at the western end of the lower Manchester Ship Canal, adjacent to the village of Eastham in Birkenhead, Wirral. Hallidays Hydropower Ltd (HHL) propose the install of two Archimedes Screw Turbines in one of the disused locks at Eastham Locks on the Manchester Ship Canal (MSC). The Hydro Turbine will operate between ~average tide and the low tide period, when the locks of the MSC are not in use. The water level in the MSC is maintained by multiple sluice gates, the proposed automatic Sluice Gate at the Turbine intake will operate within these operational parameters. The proposed Lagoon pool will maintain the design downstream water level of the turbine during low tide events. Chevron Side Baffles will be the proposed Fishpass which is designed to allow migration of Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout to the lower reaches of the MSC and the River Weaver. An Eel pass will run parallel to the proposed Fishpass. Both the Fish and Eel pass will operate through the complete tidal range of the site. The Total Installed Capacity of the scheme will be 499kW, producing 2,500MWh/Yr and saving 1,430 tonnes of CO2/Yr. We anticipate a lifetime of 60 years.

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