Case Studies

Sutton Courtenay

Living next to the Sutton Courtenay weirs for most of his life, Henry has always dreamed of the potential that could be harnessed from the water continuously thundering through the six weir system on the river Thames.

Being able to realise this power with his knowledge and expertise, Henry has taken to promoting the benefits of installing Hydropower at this site among the local community of Culham and Sutton Courtenay villages.

The community group now formed and growing, has submitted for planning application advice as well as submitting a pre-application for hydropower to the Environment Agency.

The scheme could generate enough energy to power 500 homes and would make a significant contribution of renewable energy to the local grid for the next five decades or more.

Henry further hopes to be able to distribute the benefits of the generated energy to the individual users and community investors due to his advanced work on metering and power distribution that he developed and installed during his work on the Dandridge’s Mill project.