A Look at the Different Types of Hydroelectric Power

The UK hydro industry has grown in leaps and bounds due to advancements in technology as well as the appreciation that we can no longer rely upon fossil fuels. As a result, there are many different types of generation methods. Let us examine some of the most common variants in order to better appreciate what each entails.

Micro and Pico Hydroelectric Power

This type of generation is used for smaller communities and local projects. Pico power is generally defined as methods which supply up to five kilowatts of power while micro stations can deliver as much as 100 kilowatts.

Small-Scale Hydroelectric Power

Sometimes referred to as “run-of-river” projects, these methods can deliver anywhere between 100 kilowatts and five megawatts. As the name suggests, the natural forces of rivers are often employed to generate sustainable energy solutions; opening up possibilities for developing nations.

Large Solutions

These projects are engineered to last many years while providing massive amounts of hydro power to larger regions and even cities. Dams and reservoir storage are two common examples of large-scale hydroelectric power methods. Modern servicing and streamlined maintenance methods will likewise guarantee years of reliability.

Pumped Storage Methods

This is the most traditional method to generate power. Two reservoirs at different levels are located within close proximity of one another. When electricity is required, the water from the upper source flows towards the lower reservoir. This mechanical action is directed through a turbine in order to produce electricity.

Water Wheels

The principle behind water wheels is rather simple and these configurations will be used to generate moderate levels of power (up to 20 kilowatts). Water wheels can often be viable options for those who wish to generate a supply of domestic electricity.

Offshore Solutions

These UK hydro solutions will use the mechanical action of the tides to generate electricity. Located around the coastline, tidal power is becoming an increasingly popular option for medium-scale power generation.

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