Hydro Maintain – we’re here to help

Any hydropower scheme is a huge investment and must be managed. Most turbines, if looked after correctly will have a 60 year lifetime but any day it’s not running will have a huge impact on your return on investment.

At Hydro Maintain, we’re here to help. Operating globally, we have partnered with the right people in the right places. Wherever your scheme we can get an engineer to you.

We offer a call-out service where we are available for one off call-outs or if you’d prefer your scheme to be looked after by those who live and breath hydro, sign up to our annual service contract (see below for details) for peace of mind…

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Service Contract

What we offer:

  • Emergency call-outs
  • Creation of a site specific maintenance manual
  • Local site operative training
  • Hydropower specialist scheduled maintenance visits each year (health check)
  • Ongoing remote monitoring service (keeping an eye on your scheme from our desks)
  • Performance enhancements (getting the best out of your scheme)

Maintenance Manual

Firstly Hallidays can create you a maintenance manual. We will work with your Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) documentation (that’s the large pile of user guides that you received for the turbine, the sluice gate, the control panel etc) and extract the correct maintenance procedures specific to your system allowing us to create your own maintenance manual with step by step instructions.


Once created we’ll use the maintenance manual to train up a local site operative; this could be a groundsman, caretaker or local maintenance person. The combination of this training along with your site specific maintenance manual means that most low-level maintenance can be carried out in-house, saving you high call-out fees.

Health Checks

Our engineers will then visit your site during the year to carry out scheduled maintenance, or health checks. Here we will replace parts where necessary and record all our work in your specific maintenance manual.  This forms your service history, just like your car.

Remote Monitoring Service

Also included is our remote monitoring service. You will benefit from Hallidays’ experienced staff to be on hand at the end of the telephone at any time, to talk you through issues that don’t require a technical engineer on-site, to suggest the correct parts and materials needed for your exact scheme, to suggest updates to your system, tweak it remotely and generally offer immediate access to peace of mind.  We provide our expertise on parts and equipment and can source these for you. We provide updates to the management system and annual EA abstraction returns. If you sign up to our camera service and allow us access to your server we can even keep an eye on your scheme right from our office.

What you might not know…

Did you know that most Archimedes turbines need their lower bearing replaced after 5-10 years dependent on scheme specifics to prevent total wearing of the bearing and expensive damage.  Did you install your turbine before 2014? If so, it’s possible you’ll need a replacement soon, but should certainly have an inspection to gauge wear and tear and life expectancy. Hallidays are currently offering FREE health checks for a limited time.  Do contact us if you would like a free visit where we’ll use our specialised equipment to test the system and give you peace of mind.

Finally……performance enhancement. Hallidays understand turbines intricately and for NO UPFRONT COSTS, we can offer to try to increase your turbine’s performance.  In return we ask for an outperformance fee based on the excess generation only.