The production of energy from renewable sources such as wind, water and solar highly depend on the weather. If there is too much wind, then there is a high generation of energy. The same applies to water and solar. However, these energies can’t be saved in the form of electricity, well at least not for long. Therefore, a plant operator has to control the energy flowing in the grid to ensure that the amount of power going in, equals the market demand. Following constant fluctuation of electricity, there is a need to compensate by measuring the balancing grid and ensure the frequency is within your country’s equilibrium point.

There’s Danger in Grid Imbalances

Power plants should operate within a particular frequency range. When that frequency is exceeded, the power plant disconnects from the grid. This results in high electricity supply and low demand. On the other hand, when there is little supply of energy to the grid, the frequency drops. In Europe, for example, the frequency should be 50 hertz. So, when the power fed to the grid is less, and the frequency drops too much, it results in a blackout (grid collapses).

Ideally, balancing the grid is a minute by minute routine. The good news is, Hallidays hydropower happens to offer the best hydropower services nationally and internationally.

How Do We Balance The Grid?

  • Dispatch market

Dispatch is planning resources at a power plant. The valuable cost should be lower than what you sell. However, to achieve this, you need to implement dispatch by considering several factors. In that context, we come in and decide which plant to use and for how long, as well as whether the plant should run partially or full load. We also evaluate the weather forecast to determine the availability of energy over a period. We ensure that the demand is satisfied by the supply by ensuring the frequency as per your country’s requirement. Essentially, our goal is to provide reliable, steady and predictable hydropower.

Advantage of Choosing Us to Provide You with Hydropower Services

Hallidays Hydropower is experienced in the installation of even the most complex hydropower. In fact, we’ve won the LABC award, a technical innovation award following our expertise in installing the best Dandridge Mill in 2010.

Another advantage of working with us is that we not only install but also maintain hydropower. Installing a system is challenging, but so is maintaining. We, therefore, don’t leave you on your own to maintain the system. Instead, we work alongside your team in assuring the system runs as per your preferences.

Moreover, we have partnered with various companies across the world so that we serve you efficiently despite your location.


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