A Constantly Recharging System

Hydropower has been in Britain for over 140 years, with the first harnessing of moving water to producing electricity taking place in 1878. Today, hydropower accounts for 18% of Britain’s renewable energy and 1.8% of the country’s total electricity. Notably, in the process of generating electricity, water as a resource is not used up or reduced. In addition to water being endlessly reusable to generate electricity, it is also continuously replenished by snow and rain. Water as a vital resource in hydroelectric power is constantly recharging, making hydropower a renewable source of energy.

Energy Efficiency

Hydropower turbines are the most efficient when it comes to the conversion of energy to electricity. In fact, a hydropower plant has a capacity to convert up to 90% of the available energy into electricity. This is unlike fossil fuel plants, which have an energy conversion of approximately 50%.

Clean Energy

New technology is helping in curbing any potential damages of dams and aquatic lives, as well as producing other hydropower sites. Also, there exist plenty of water resources that are currently untapped as far as the generation of hydroelectric power is concerned. This means that hydropower can be used as a renewable source of energy without necessarily triggering social and environmental consequences.

The Virtues of Hydropower Energy

In some countries, counting hydropower as a source of renewable energy in its entirety is viewed as a move to discourage the development of new sources. The debate for these countries, therefore, is on the choice to accept hydropower as renewable energy or not. However, hydropower cannot be completely eliminated from the list of renewable resources, following its multiple virtues. For example, hydropower systems are considered to be essential components to new renewables, including solar and wind. Also, water is a domestic resource, eliminating the chances of such challenges as foreign conflicts and interruptions.

So to answer the question, is hydropower renewable energy? Yes, it is.

Your Go-To Supplier of Quality Hydroelectric Turbines

Have you been curious to learn more about the numerous benefits associated with hydroelectric energy? Do you wish to implement this solution in order to lower electric bills and to enjoy a reliable source of sustainable power? If so, the team at Hallidays Hydropower International is on your side. Embracing an innovative mindset and looking to streamline implementation processes, our team is leading the way in terms of providing hydropower and renewable energy to a growing number of customers. What are some of the advantages that can be enjoyed when consulting with our team and why is hydroelectricity slated to enjoy a substantial percentage of global energy production? Let us take a look at the answers to these important questions.

Partnering with the Cadre of Specialists at Hallidays Hydropower International

The term “business as usual” certainly has no place within our overall mission statement. A hydroelectric system that may have been sufficient yesterday could be cumbersome today and outdated tomorrow. This is why our team of trained technicians is always searching for novel ways to improve upon existing designs and in some cases, completely transform the ways in which hydroelectricity is provided. Whether referring to targeted maintenance solutions, the use of cutting-edge materials within our turbines or supplying clean drinking water to developing countries, our aim is to remain one step ahead of the ever-evolving curve.

Suppliers of Quality Hydroelectric Turbines

A turbine literally represents the “beating heart” of hydroelectric generation stations. Our line of turbines produce a viable source of clean power and come in various sizes. Tey are all intended to meet the unique requirements of the end user.

The Growing Presence of Hydroelectricity

Current studies predict that the global hydroelectric community will increase at an annual rate of 2.5 per cent between now and the year 2030. Thus, it is clear to see that we are at a crossroads in terms of renewable energy production. This is also why the expertise of the team at Hallidays Hydropower International is in high demand.

Want to know more about hydropower renewable energy?Are you interested in the delivery and maintenance of hydropower schemes? At Hallidays Hydropower International, we supply and service your hydropower schemes throughout the UK. Our rates are highly competitive. We have been in the industry for over 10 years, serving both high-profile freeholders and commercial owners. Whether you hope to learn more about hydropower and renewable energy or you wish to discover other hydroelectric options, it is always possible to contact one of our representatives at a moment’s notice. Get in touch with us today.
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