At Hallidays Hydropower, we offer end-to-end hydro installations to hydropower engineering companies. We help you through the project from the feasibility studies to the commissioning and handover of the power generating plant. We work with you in every stage of the installation to ensure that you meet your efficiency and cost goals while at the same time ensuring that it is completed within the set period. Once the plant is fully operational, we offer assistance and advice on any areas that you may face challenges in operation. We can also enter into an SLA for the maintenance of your system.

Among the new technologies that we have in place is the hydrodynamic screw. The screw, as opposed to the conventional turbine, maximises the amount of energy generated from the water by coming into contact with the weight of the water in the entire length of the screw. This causes the screw to start rotating so that there is a flow of water down the gradient. This action generates electricity using a generator at the end of its length.

Hallidays Hydropower engineering

The technology follows the Archimedes screw pump invention. It has low rotational speeds and requires little maintenance. Combined with an expected lifetime of about 40 years, this technology is a viable option for small and medium power generating plants.

Our technologies have been approved by the Environment Agency. In fact, in March of 2010, the agency wrote a paper about balancing the care for environment with power generation opportunities and suggested that hydrodynamic screws were the most preferred turbines as they did not interrupt the movement of small water animals and the fish.

With technologies like these, we ensure that you get the maximum value of up to 87% of all the energy that is available from your energy generation plant. This efficiency is higher than most conventional generators including the windmills and solar power generation systems.

If you are planning on power generation, you may consider hydropower as the first option. Unlike other sources such as solar and wind, rivers flow all year round. When there is more water in the river, such as during winter, there is more power demand among consumers making a lucrative business. Contact us today on 0330 1331 555 or email any enquiries to to get started with your hydropower plant.

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