We at Hallidays Hydropower International are industry leaders in renewable energy solutions and all matters pertaining to hydro power plant design. We have been in this industry for many years, during which we have taken part in the design and development of numerous hydro power related projects. Our professionals have taken part in hydropower feasibility study solutions, tendering and hydropower design phases, procurement as well as in the building and eventual management of tens of hydro power projects. Over the years, we have performed projects in the UK and Scotland. We have even handled projects in the West Country.

Our Expertise

Hallidays Hydropower International has employed some of the best hydro power plant design professionals in the industry. Our team’s expertise in hydropower project work spans areas such as:

  • Feasibility studies
  • On-site inspections
  • Hydropower engineering
  • Construction supervision
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Project planning
  • Site investigations
  • Project planning
  • Mechanical, structural, and civil hydropower design
  • Tender evaluations

Types of Hydropower Plants

Hydropower plants are mainly of three types: pumped storage, diversion, and impoundment. Some of the hydropower plants we deal with use dams while others don’t.

When it comes to size, the plants we construct vary depending on the scale of the project. There are hydropower plants for small villages or homes, and there are those intended for larger projects, e.g. the generation of electricity.
1. Impoundment
The impoundment hydroelectric power plant is the most common type of project that we deal with. A typical impoundment facility can be described as a big hydropower system. It relies on the presence of a dam for it to hold the river water.

Once in the reservoir, the water is released slowly where it gets to go through a turbine. Its pressure spins the turbine, which in return helps to activate an on-site generator to assist in electricity production.
2. Diversion
We at times refer to this type of hydropower system as a run-of-river. When dealing with this type of project, our technicians will normally channel a part of the river through a penstock or a canal.

In many cases, this kind of project doesn’t require us to use a dam to hold the water in a reservoir.
3. Pumped Storage
Last but not least is the pumped storage type of hydropower plant. This is a system that operates like your everyday battery. It’s able to hold on to the electricity that has been generated by power sources such as nuclear, wind, and solar for future use.

The energy is stored by pumping water into a reservoir that is located at an elevated position. Water being pumped is from a reservoir located at a lower position. When the energy requirements are high, the reservoir at the upper level releases water back to the lower reservoir, and in turn gets to spin the turbines, thereby, helping to produce electricity.

Benefits of Choosing Hallidays Hydropower International

Not yet sure why you should hire us? We provide a broad range of hydropower maintenance and operation services such as:

  • Operation & maintenance tuition workshops
  • General servicing
  • Emergency callout
  • Routine parts replacement
  • System tuning

Our hydropower services are affordably priced and the rates will normally depend on the size of the scheme.

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