World Leaders in Innovative Hydropower Services


Using our cutting edge innovation, HHL aims to be the world’s most affordable installers of low-head hydropower systems whilst also offering the most comprehensive and personable maintenance service.

Core Values

Our core values define what we as a company hold dear to us and inform the way we interact with our own staff, our clients, our communities and the world around us. They represent our proposition to all our stakeholders and form the basis for relationships grounded in trust.

Respect sits at the heart of our business. We hold the greatest respect for our clients, our investors, our staff, the communities we work alongside and the natural world.

  • We are committed to listening to our clients and working with them
  • We are committed to fostering a vibrant, positive, diverse, learning working environment for our staff where all voices are heard and we succeed as a team
  • We are committed to delivering the greatest benefit possible for our clients and investors as we work to install and maintain profitable hydropower schemes, on time and on budget
  • We recognise our responsibility to future generations to develop a greener, cleaner future for energy. Whatever we do has environmental sustainability at its heart

We are committed to working within the spirit as well as the letter of the law. We carry out our work free from corruption or fraud and expect the same from everyone we work with.

We build fair, honest and personable relationships with all our stakeholders – our reputation for integrity in all our dealings is our most powerful asset.

We are committed to a quest for constant improvement, challenging the status quo and delivering at the leading edge of the world’s renewable energy drive. We are passionate about solving problems and adapting to our ever-changing working environment, learning and teaching, building a better future. Standing still is moving backwards.

Key Standards

Our key standards represent the way we go about delivering on our values, putting them into practice. Our key standards are professionalism, safety and excellence.

We believe everything we do, all our tasks, all our interactions should be completed in a professional manner. We deliver on time, we go the extra mile, we work for and with our stakeholders. We are open and communicate clearly and personably, building long-lasting relationships of trust, delivering on our word, again and again.

Safety is paramount in everything we do – the working environment of electricity generation, construction and hydropower is potentially hazardous without strict adherence to robust safety procedures. Whether working in the office or on-site, we implement the highest international safety standards and are committed to a safe environment for all our stakeholders and partners.

Our engineering consultancy firm is committed to delivering our projects with the highest level of service performance. Combining our knowledge and experience of over a decade as market leaders in low-head hydro with our ground-breaking innovation and diligent work ethic, our team focuses relentlessly on quality.