About Hydro

Hydropower is central to the development of sustainable energy in the UK. In the last few years concern around global warming, pollution and energy security has resulted in a renewed interest in Hydropower.

Some recent public feedback has been negative toward other types of renewable generating resources with problems including noise pollution, visual impact and excessive carbon footprint.

Micro Hydropower demonstrates none of the above. It is not unattractive or intrusive. It is efficient, truly renewable and one of the cleanest sources of green energy. It produces energy continuously 24/7 and does not demonstrate intermittency problems associated with other renewable resources.

Hydropower generates consistent, clean, renewable energy and reduces the UK’s dependency on fossil fuel usage. Electricity prices in particular are predicted to increase dramatically in the next decade. A greater development of hydropower schemes would lead to a considerable improvement in environmental condition and reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

As of 1st April 2010, a new government backed incentive for green energy was launched, to help the UK reach its 2020 targets of at least 15% of the country’s energy to be generated from renewable sources. The aim of this incentive is to increase the number of renewable generators in the UK.

Hallidays Hydropower specialise in engineering hydropower solutions to suit the specific requirements of each individual site. Our designers and engineers are experts in their field and they are dedicated to helping landowners to generate revenue from their rivers by installing hydropower technology.



Benefits of choosing Hydropower to generate renewable electricity include:

  • Financially Rewarding
  • Increased property value
  • Low maintenance, long life span
  • Consistent all year round power
  • Seasonal Energy Demand
  • Low Carbon
  • Proven Fish friendly (Archimedes Screw)

If you want to learn more about hydro read our Q&A page.