Suppliers of Reliable Hydroelectric Turbines

There are many advantages associated with hydroelectricity. This renewable and clean form of energy employs water to generate electricity, so its environmental impacts are negligible when compared to more traditional methods such as the consumption of fossil fuels. Additionally, hydroelectric power is a more cost-effective solution; allowing poorer communities to afford its presence and reducing energy bills in general. One of the core components of these systems involves the turbines found within a plant. How does a hydroelectric turbine function and why choose to consult with our hydro turbine suppliers at Hallidays Hydropower International?

The Basic Principle of a Hydroelectric Turbine

The primary intention of a hydroelectric turbine is to transform the kinetic energy of flowing water into a viable source of power. The cascading water that falls upon the blades of a turbine will cause it to turn. This turbine is subsequently attached to a generator; effectively converting mechanical motion into electricity. The most obvious advantage in such a situation is that this is an endless supply of power (assuming that the water remains flowing). Furthermore, it is quite easy to increase or decrease the power output based upon the demands of the end user. This electricity is then sent along to the customer through the use of transmission lines.

Respected and Professional Hydro Turbine Suppliers

Innovation is a core tenet of our approach to supplying turnkey hydroelectric solutions. In other words, the professionals at Hallidays Hydropower International are always searching for ways to improve upon existing designs. One example of this methodology can be seen in the potential for high-tech polymer screw turbines to eventually replace traditional steel designs. This revolutionary proposal would reduce hefty fabrication and transportation costs; benefits that will immediately be passed on to the end user. In fact, we are currently in the midst of rigorous testing and applying for proprietary patents in regards to this alternative design.

The respected team of hydro turbine suppliers at Hallidays Hydropower International is also involved with developing reliable and sustainable energy solutions for portions of the world that do not have reliable access to electricity. We firmly believe that serving the global community is our responsibility as a conscientious provider of hydroelectric energy. Would you like to learn more about our line of turbines or do you have additional questions? If so, it is always possible to contact a knowledgeable customer service specialist. You can also call us on 0330 1331 555 with any enquiries.

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