What Are the Benefits of Green Energy Hydropower?

In a bid to conserve non-renewable energy sources, many companies and individuals are adopting renewable sources of energy for production. Apart from wood, waste, landfill gas, and geothermal energy, water can also generate electricity. Green energy hydropower is a widely used energy source, which is both sustainable and renewable. This is because hydropower generates electricity without causing environmental damage; it does not emit greenhouse gases, and water is a renewable resource.

How hydropower generates electricity

Flowing water stores potential energy. Therefore, harnessing the power by converting it into kinetic energy in turbines can generate electricity. Water flowing downhill from a high point can be used to produces more electricity. However, the amount of electricity often depends on the efficiency of the hydropower system. Hydroelectric power has gained popularity due to its numerous benefits.

Advantages of Green energy hydropower

  • It is sustainable and renewable.

We cannot use up the hydroelectric power available in the world. As long as there is water in the streams and the turbines are working, you will have a reliable energy source. Moreover, green energy hydropower is sustainable; the production of electricity does not lead to the emission of greenhouse gases, and it can be used by many generations. However, the construction of the power plants in rivers can disrupt the natural habitat of water creatures.

  • Reliable

Hydroelectric power rarely experiences fluctuations in electrical output. Therefore, you can expect the same amount of energy at all times. If you desire a different output, you can change the settings in the turbines, and as long as there is water in the reservoirs, you will have electricity.

  • Affordable

Installing a hydropower system is expensive, but once everything is in place, the maintenance cost and electrical bills are low. Homes that are off the grid can benefit from hydropower since it is cheaper than getting a connection to the national grid. You are also guaranteed of price stability unlike fuel and natural gas whose price fluctuation affects the cost of electricity.

  • Low maintenance

A hydropower system lasts up to 50 years. During that period, you will require minimal maintenance, but you should screen the system regularly to minimise the risk of damage due to excess water.

  • Safe

Fossil fuel and natural gas are risk sources of electricity since poor handling can cause severe damage. Hydropower requires only water to generate electricity and water is safe.

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