Old Swan & Minster Mill goes green with Hallidays Hydropower

Posted on: February 12th, 2014 by Vy Pettit No Comments

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This luxury 5* Inn in the Cotswolds’ is going for green energy and working with Hallidays Hydropower Limited to install an Archimedes Screw to produce renewable energy.

A “fish friendly” technology, the Archimedes Screw was selected for its low impact on the river’s ecosystem and its efficient energy production. A fish pass will also be developed as part of the scheme to improve fish spawning grounds.  Based on Archimedes’ ancient screw pump design, the 2 by 5 meter screw is turned as water flows through it, activating the turbine and harnessing up to 87 per cent of the energy from the falling water. The technology enables the scheme to give a peak output of 10 kW and generate power of 48,000kwh/year.

The partnership comes at a time when the ‘green’ sector is finally being celebrated as a driver of much-needed economic growth in Britain. The Old Swan & Minster Mill  has earned a strong reputation for its commitment to sustainability, but this high profile endorsement of design and engineering is indicative of a bigger trend towards ‘micro hydro’. The technology is winning attention and investment from landowners, businesses and communities across Britain, generating income through the Feed-in Tariff, cost savings in the face of continuing energy price rises and CO2 reductions.

Mrs Peter de Savary, the owner states “We are delighted to be the first hotel in the country to invest in this latest renewable technology with Hallidays Hydropower. We continually look at every area of our business to become more considerate locally, nationally and globally. “